A big problem today, in our elections is that most (eligible) voters do not cast a ballot. Why? Because nobody runs for political office, most notably for POTUS, without first doing their homework: their homework being raising money, airing radio and television commercials to show why their candidate should be the POTUS. And so, we (voters) refuse to even vote. Why?

Because, I think, we see those running as being nothing but more politicians … politicians with an agenda: they’re for or against something they (think) know will get them elected: like being for or against abortion, for or against medical insurance for all, for or against voting rights for felons and so on, but these politicians know that, today, due mostly to Donald Trump, the truth is not what it really is but what others, such as Trump’s obsessed followers, can be convinced of. Most of Trump’s followers seem to get pleasure out of Trump’s ideas, such as building a wall, but not because they think it’s true; they think it’s true because they get pleasure out of it because what they are ‘defending’ as the truth is, in actuality, their self-esteem.

A big problem in these recent elections is that they seem to have now become, it appears to me, to be less about democracy and more about American celebrity and who generates the most applause or cheers and screaming.
It also appears that television
news ratings and Web traffic spike in presidential years and fall off in off-years and midterm elections, partiallt because presidential turnout rates are far higher in presidential years than in midterms nowadays and, on average since 1980, the United States has been said to have seen a 29 percent drop from presidential elections to midterm elections, and it’s been on the rise but, even so, be that as it may, we are far behind most other world democracies in voter participation — even including presidential years.

Now then, to the point of today’s harangue: who, besides a billionaire businessman or a man or woman who has “connections” to a(nother) source of revenue can even run for the presidency of the United States?

Well, of course, the answer is no one. Or is it?

Well, on the FEC FORM 2, which is a statement that all (potential) candidates must fill out if they are (legally) considering running for POTUS.

For candidates who raise their own funds, federal law dictates how and from whom candidates for president may seek contributions. It also limits how much any individual contributor can give. The law ensures that the press and citizens know who is contributing to a given candidate. A candidate for president must establish a campaign organization, called a political committee, and register it with the Federal Election Commission. Once registered, political committees may seek contributions but must report all funds raised to the commission, which makes the information available to the public. Recent major-party presidential candidates have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their campaigns but those who raise their own funds must find thousands of contributors.

Can any man actually run for the the presidency in America without being a (b)millionaire himself and/or connected to them in one form or another and with no party affiliation?

Now, as far as health insurance goes we’ve always had a crisis and it’s, simply because we’ve never had any presidents who weren’t (aren’t) wealthy and attached to many billionaire “businessmen” who fund their campaigns in order for the politicians to fund their requested demands: such as tax cuts for the super-rich and no raise(s) in the minimum wage. We need Universal Health Care, a single-payer plan exactly like Canada has. I should know, I lived in Vancouver, B.C for seven years and lived under it. I had two children there and paid nothing for either delivery and hospital stay. All doctors take your card and you pay nothing, zero. In fact the government sent (myself and my wife) a monthly check to help pay for the child’s care.

I came back to the U.S.A., Sacramento, California and the to Florida where I had two children and not only paid over $5,000, to the hospital I was slapped with a lien on my homesteaded house in North Lauderdale.

America is long overdue for a change but, again, the question is can a man (or woman) actually even run for POTUS, with little or no money and no party affiliation? I’d do it myself just to prove we do not live in a Democratic form of government and never have if I thought I could?

How can you consider America to be a democratic form of government when it was, originally, formed by the wealthy to serve the wealthy; while disdaining the working man and every worker who toils needlessly for money that these billionaires, literally, print for themselves. They constantly cry about the national debt, the deficit, when, in reality, the national debt, as with all countries’ debts is nothing more than a fiction and a fight between these countries, all of who, like two battling car salesmen claim that their car (food, oil or whatever they have more of than other countries) is “worth” more than the others’. In other words their money is worth more than America’s or China’s and they, therefore have a surplus while the other country has a debt, a deficit, to pay that country before trade can be continued?

And so the people in these countries, usually an autocratic dictatorship masquerading as a Socialist government, starve slowly while their dictator(s) use ‘their’ army to keep them from “protesting.”

What can we do now, without a human being in the White House?

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