Short Bio:

Keith G. Laufenberg has been a juvenile delinquent, a Marine, a professional boxer, a nightclub comedian, a dishwasher, waiter, laborer, carpenter, car salesman, real estate salesman, mortgage broker, paralegal, private investigator, lifeguard, bartender and bouncer among many other jobs, some less dignified, some more or less nefarious, but has always tried to remain a Human Being. He uses all of his life experiences in many different situations when writing and always tries to keep the Human Being’s perspective in sight when telling each and every story.

Novels & Short Stories

As of 2017, Keith has now published one chapbook of poetry, seven collections of short stories, seven novels, Liberty City-the Play, three collections of plays, three screenplays and three children’s books. They are currently available and can be easily accessed at all bookstores and e-stores online as well as here at his website.

New Book

One of Keith’s above mentioned novels is “South of South Beach,” a 500-plus page book stemming from Keith’s many years of boxing and living & working in South Miami Beach. This picture is from that period and Keith is the one with his left arm around his then good buddy, Bill Merund, a retired iron-worker, from New York, 91 years-old at that time, sometime in 1966 or 1967.

Future stories

Keith is presently working on “The Great I Am,” a project he started many years ago but has yet to finish.