What? A dead body hanging from a tree?

Okay, this is a believe it or not moment. Anybody that knows me, knows I am an ex-amateur and professional boxer with over 50 fights, so they could (can) see that this is, in fact, a heavy bag, hanging from a large tree branch in my front yard. This morning, around noon a Sheriff’s van drives up and stops at the front of my 3-story house. The cop stands in my driveway and I use the inside stairs to go down into the basement. He is standing by my old pick-up truck, staring at my heavy bag, which he has just come from touching and glancing under the canvas. The canvas is only there, tied with a piece of plastic line from my lawn-edger because it’s been raining lately. I asked him what’s up even as my wife is standing on the outside stirs smiling and when I walk over to where the cop is she says: “someone called the police: they think it’s a dead body hanging from our tree.” I couldn’t (even now) stop laughing at just, even the thought that some human being could see (to me) an obvious heavy bag and imagine it’s a corpse? I’ve been punching on it for several months so the complainant must not have lived in Hernando Beach or is reading too many Stephen King novels. The cop looked as if he was rather embarrassed and shrugged, then opened his mouth to speak when I said: “Don’t you got any real police work to do man? Heh-heh you can examine the body if you want to?”  He smiled and tried to leave with a pleasant smile on his face and a look of neutrality saying: I got the call, that’s all.
     So, take a look at my “dead body,” hanging for the last 6-months in my front yard, where I have punched on it, along with a speed bag inside my basementIMG_3624.JPG 4-car garage for several years.
Well, what the hell, we all need a good laugh once in awhile, huh? 10-4?
“10-4, Roger that, a false alarm. What’s that sir? Oh yessir, it was a heavy-bag, sir, a, ah-er-um-ah a punching bag. Yes sir, he had a canvas over it because of the rain.” Ah, er um ah hah-hah …. ” The cop gets in the van and drives off. Oh what a day …  

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