Michael Cohen Testifies to the Truth

Michael Cohen testified today before Congress and it was obvious that Trump is a man who does everything with but one result in mind: to make himself look good — oh, sorry, I mean great. Anyone who saw the testimony this morning, afternoon and evening, must realize that Trump should either come clean or be impeached.

I believe Cohen told the truth, as he knows it and regreted continuing to be Trump’s lawyer. But, it’s never too late and he made the right decision to testify to the truth. Trump will never admit any of it; he is too busy wrapping the truth in darkness. How could this guy ever have been elected POTUS?

Well, for one thing he really wasn’t. Like G.W. Bush, he got fewer votes than his opponent, Hillary Clinton did, but got the majority of the electoral votes.

The only politician who really showed, and told, us what the truth is, was the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee: Elijah Cummings. After watching and, overseeing, the dialogue between Cohen and the many congressmen and women on both the Republian and Democratic sides, he made a statement explaining what he thought had happened and then answered a reporter’s question by saying he thought Cohen told the truth.

I agree with Cummings and might add that the Republicans did absolutely nothing but belittle Michael Cohen personally, claiming he was nothing but a convicted felon, soon to become a prisoner in a Federal Penitentiary.

Donald Trump is a bully; he is a man who has ordered soldiers to risk their lives in foreign countries even while he himself lied about having a bone spur in his foot to stay out of Vietnam and he is a man who puts many people in his administration in vicarious positions by making them be in a position to hurt themselves by telling a lie or be fired for telling the truth. God only help us if he remains POTUS for the next two years.

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