These wars are ongoing to this day; we have global warming, a nut-case in North Korea willing to use nuclear weapons and soon to have them to use, we have millions of people here in America, with no health insurance, little or no money, many unemployed or employed with a salary that barely makes their rent and food money, children dying from drugs “inherited” from their parents, an opiate crisis, and so many other problems that we could all work on together to solve but then, we have a POTUS, who is so fixated on the fact that he and his associates colluded with Russians in order to rig an election: an election may I remind you that he actually got less votes than his opponent in but still was declared the winner.
And so, to divert attention away from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has now gotten enough evidence to convict him, he declares that our “border crisis” is so important that he will soon call it a national emergency and deploy troops for the fence he is having soldiers now build; a fence that will block the criminals, heathens, barbarians and invaders across the border from entering his walled-off USA, a country that once welcomed all travelers who were in danger in their countries, as well as their children.
This is a manufactured ‘crisis’ that has now become Donald Trump’s way of hurting foreigners who should be welcomed and given work or visitors visas to see if they wanted to become citizens, the whole idea of immigration in this so-called “civilized world.” But, unfortunately Donald Trump, a rich kid who has the learned the ways of the rich, hires lawyers to do his ‘legal’ lying’ for him. People like former mayor of New York, Rudy Guiliani, who has, in Donald Trump’s name, as his mouthpiece (aka lawyer) made this statement: “Truth is not truth.” Enough said and may peace be upon us all in this god-forsaken world.

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