Mueller’s caught Trump … it’s about time.

Donald Trump made a speech tonight? Eight minutes of hints, innuendo’s and downright lies. He hinted at calling an emergency to get the funding for the border wall, then said the democrats wanted one too but steel instead of concrete and so he would now build a steel border wall. The democrats then said they never said they wanted a steel border wall. Trump then made a reference to a human heart and a human soul. Another lie because if he has either one, no one has ever claimed to see it or made reference to either one, including Trump himself.
     Another funny thing I heard was the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has enough evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and his family colluding with the Russians to help him win the election, to charge Trump himself with violating the law, an offense that could see Trump charged.
     My point is that, I believe it is very easy to read Trump’s reasoning behind giving a speech on emergency border wall funding: to divert attention from himself and his campaign colluding with the Russians. Period. Trump does not want to go to jail or be impeached.
     But, what is going to happen though; now? Huh?
     God only knows, even though Trump thinks he does. He has inherited a fortune from his father and been taught to lie, cheat and steal, which he has consistently done: from hiring and firing illegal aliens, to suing the poorest of the poor when they work for him for minimum wages, many of which never even get paid that.
What a life we human beings live. We spend our lives doing things we detest to make money we don’t (really) want to buy things we don’t (really) need, just to impress people we don’t really even like.
     And that must be why Donald Trump is now the POTUS. Huh?

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