You made a mess, Gov. DeSantis. Clean it up. Now. | Editorial

This guy is & has been, waiting for “orders” from the White House; from his “boss” Donald J. Trump. This is in no way relevant to his job as governor of the State of Florida but then, that’s the kind of guy he is. He is meeting with lobbyists and business leaders, instead of calling out orders to self-isolate and social distance, so we can get rid of this COVID-19 problem asap but DeSantis is too busy “waiting” for his “orders” from Trump. When you have a governor who can’t decide what to do, is terrified of the POTUS, and gives no clear orders, you have local officials, like Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister deciding to enforce the county’s ban on more than 10 people gathering in close proximity by arresting the pastor of a local church last Sunday, 3/29, even though DeSantis had said he wanted churches to remain open, along with businesses by practicing social distancing but only Wednesday, April 1, did DeSantis sign and issue an order that made his executive orders: “supercede any conflicting official action or order issued by local officials in response to COVID-19,” thereby relegating local county officials to pander to him, even as the next day, this past Thursday, he said that the local officials could do more in “certain situations,” further distorting the already convoluted meaning of his “executive orders.”

First Rick Scott and now this guy? God help us, we are plagued with governors who have even no common sense, much less any character or backbone, to do anything but pander to those lobbyists and businessmen who supplied, (donated) them with the money they feel they needed in order to be elected to office. The only problem for them is actually doing anything for the voters and their constituents, who they feel, they do not need, relying on the mass of Republican voters who put Donald Trump, and with him themselves, they feel, into office.
Compare DeSantis with Governor Andrew Cuomo. It’s like comparing FDR to Donald Trump. God help us.

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