Stand up and be counted, stand up and be counted,
That’s what I had shouted and shouted, stand up and be counted.
But now, as I wake-up, even as I begin to scream,
I realize it was last night that it happened, and it was only a dream.

It’s because they outnumber us a million to one,
And, always at night, is when they seem to have won.
They shout and yell and bark, look there is no sun,
Signaling that in the dark, at night, is when they have their fun.

No thinking is allowed on those nights, when they dim all the lights,
To hide all of all the drinking, drugs and fights.
Which is what they want, this is when they score,
Hoping that it will eventually lead to an unholy war.

They want to hark back to the dark ages,
Where they would all be considered wits and sages.
They want us to believe in something that completely ignores,
The birth of Jesus Christ and all the world’s brutal wars.

Even now, this very day, in 2001,
They call for a leader like Attila the Hun.
For now that America is under attack,
They want to go back, way, way back.

They call for more blood, for revenge, let’s all go insane,
Let’s drop smart bombs, and let’s do it by plane.
Let’s bless the soldiers, the bullets and the bombs,
And, let’s do it without any qualms.

Let’s wound & kill & bomb and maim,
And do it without anyone ever having to take the blame.
But, now, I say stop, before another attack is mounted,
Because it is time to stand up and be counted.

I know they outnumber us a million to one,
But, now is the time to move away from the gun.
War must always and forevermore stop, it must cease,
Otherwise we will never know peace.
I’m awake now but again I have shouted and shouted,
Because, now, it is time, for YOU to stand up and be counted!

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