Okay, April is National Poetry Month so, I’ll post a poem every day this month.


I am a Christian and I am a Jew,
I am a Baptist, a Muslim and even a Hindu.
I’m from Atlanta, San Diego, New York and Maine,
Along with any other State in America that you can name

I’m White, Black, Yellow, Red and sometimes even Tan,
I’m a toddler, a child, a woman and also a man.
I have relatives all over Europe, Africa, China and Japan,
As well as in Russia, Vietnam, Australia and Pakistan

When they raise the flag, fly the red, white and blue,
I stand up proudly—just exactly like you.

On 9-11, in 2001, a disaster befell us all,
And when the President made his patriotic call
I answered him just like any other man,
Because I realized that only united can we stand.

Realizing that not everyone in this world is like you and me,
Because even with government we sometimes may not agree
We still have the constitutional right
To take to the streets and protest with numbers, power and might.

I am gay or straight and even though you may not agree ,
You must agree that I have the right to be.
In America we have the right to protest and raise our voices
We don’t accept the status quo when there are better choices

We are tired of Wall Street and being ruled by the Banks
We are ready for change and human rights for the workers, thanks
Now I see you know me, you know who I am,
Yes, that’s right, I am you and you are me, I am an American.


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