Okay, we are now in the midst of a crisis and so I have adapted myself as such to do something long called for but seldom accomplished: the telling of the truth, which is recognized and spoken by God and all children but few adults in today’s world, least of all any politicians. God, our creator was long ago the creator of speaking the truth, even as Jesus did to Pontius Pilate and, of course, the majority, including myself, of Christian communities know him as Jesus Christ and we also all know how He ended up.

We’ve all also known for 60+ years that the two biggest, well-worn, existential threats to our very existence, are nuclear Armageddon and climate change. A new, obviously, at this time in history, existential threat has now been added to that list, COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus pandemic.
These three threats need to be addressed immediately and, obviously, need to be reversed in order, attacking the symptoms, causes and curing of the Corona Virus pandemic asap, if not sooner, as we sometimes say, and in this case, we for sure say.

I suggest, being as we are all “quarantined” anyway, that we should all sit down and write, that’s right, write. Easy for me to say, as I am a writer anyway, right? But, I say it is just as easy for anyone to say much less do because what other choices do we have? Watch television? Play with our children or go out of our home or office? But, isn’t that just what we’re trying to avoid? By sitting at our computer(s) and creating a story? So, here we go, I use the plural tense, as using my imagination and knowing that you (readers) are all already in front of your computers you can easily open up a blank page after reading this and begin your own story, with but a little guidance here.

If you try to write truth you must first understand that truth is tough; it will not break. The greatest friend of truth is time the greatest enemy of truth is prejudice and the constant companion of truth is humility and when you see the truth, proclaim it without asking who is for it or who is against it, because, many times, the truth wishes only to appear. What governs men is the fear of truth but, I say to you, that, in the end, the truth will prevail even when no one cares if it prevails or not because, like I said, the greatest friend of Father Truth is Mother Time.
And, your question is now, what? How do you write the truth? Why, as easily as you say it: I am 74 years old (if I was female, of course, I’d be 29?). I have been happily married for 46 years and have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. See, how easy it is to write the truth. Hard, cold facts. Think it’s too easy?

Okay, then, take this truth: I have a younger sister and older brother who, in 2008, 2 years after my mother died, my sister, 7 years my junior and my brother 1 year my senior, colluded together, I learned later, to steal as much as they could from my share of my mother’s will, which included all her and my dad’s assets, which was mostly CD’s & securities in the bank. My sister got an accountant and a lawyer and the power of attorney from my mother, just before she died, and then, after a year and a half of waiting and excuses, she sends me a check for $102 K, a nice check huh? But this was money she had gotten tax-free, G.W. Bush passed an estate tax to be $0 and I personally had copies of both my mother and father’s wills. They both said split it 3 ways. My sister, acting as a power of attorney, my brother having told me, even as he had been named the executor of my father’s will, that he let my sister be the P.O.A and she had taken care of the taxes (he lied) and now, in 2017, on a visit to my sister in Tallahassee, my brother had had a few beers and we were all eating lunch in a restaurant and my mother’s will came up when I asked my brother how much money my mother had had in the bank and he answered: “Oh man, a lot, way over $500K. Needless to say I was flabbergasted and an argument, a big argument began that has yet to be settled, almost 2 years ago now. So, as you can see, truth is not always easy to state as factual. Well, let’s just say that when you state a truth you must be ready, if the liar is present, for the one who is lying to deny the truth and cling to their lie, sometimes even forever or until their dying day. Temptations will ever come. So, now it is your turn to write some truths.

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