Who or what killed Josh Wilkerson?

This is a story that has already happened and will happen again and again and the reason it will happen again and again is because the Capitalist System has failed us, we citizens, especially we poor citizens, we working-class citizens and all simply because of one thing: a system that, in the end, considering all things, failed because they (the Capitalists) “respect, honor & obey” only one thing: MONEY!

His name was Josh Wilkerson and he died because he had no health insurance and not enough cash to buy his insulin. Josh Wilkerson had been born with a congenital form of Type 1 diabetes. He was 27-years old and was engaged to be married to Rose Walters, also 27, who, also, happened to have been born with the same disease, Type 1 diabetes.

As the story goes along here, I believe you, the reader, will see, as I have, that this is a very uncomplicated story. It is, in fact, what you would call a cut and dried, simplistic, story that you could explain to any child, who would then understand it immediately, even as so many politicians, insurance conglomerates, physicians and pharmaceutical companies, apparently, do not understand it. They are all cohorts in a Capitalistic conspiracy to continue the fictional story that America is the only “Democracy” in the world and that’s why everybody wants to immigrate here and live here.

This may stem from what is known as the Preamble to the Constitution, which states: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. The framers, at that time, in 1787, wrote it even as Capitalism was creeping its way into our “democracy” and all things, then, had a for-sale sign hung on it (and them). After all, America was built on the backs of slaves, on land stolen from the natives already living here, also referred to as “Indians” and later as “Native Americans.”

So, back to Josh Wilkerson’s untimely death. What happened is this: Josh had been insured under his step-father’s health insurance plan but only until he turned 26, and so, no longer covered he soon realized that his insulin had risen to nearly $1200 a month: an impossible figure for someone who was being paid $16.50 an hour working for a dog kennel in Northern Virginia, to afford.

And so, he and his fiancee found a cheaper source: Walmart, a store that was rated extremely high on all Capitalistic score-sheets. Birds flew over their store regularly chirping Walmart’s motto of: “cheep-cheep-cheep.” Yes, they sold things cheap and the insulin, called “ReliOn,” which they had been selling for almost two decades, predated the genetically altered “analog” insulin that Josh Wilkerson had been taking under his doctor’s prescription but, now, could no longer afford. Too many of the Capitalistic Big Pharmaceutical companies had tripled their prices, leaving many Type 1 diabetics to make very hard choices, like going without their insulin or buying a much cheaper brand, which they did, when they switched from Josh’s doctor’s prescribed meds, that he no longer “qualified” to get, to the ReliOn Walmart brand. Both he and his fiancee appeared to tolerate it and Josh Wilkerson had fared well enough since first purchasing it in late 2018.

Josh and Rose were due to get married in October and he was at work this past June, when he entered his sleeping quarters above the dog kennel he worked at, having promised the owner, who was on vacation, that he would because it was a way to make some “extra money.”

Wilkerson was “face-timing” with his fiancee when he mentioned he was having stomach problems, promised her he would take his insulin and disconnected from Face-Time, which he did.
The next day Rose called him and when he didn’t answer she drove to the kennel where she found him unconscious, on the floor of the kennel.

In the hospital, doctors determined he had had multiple strokes and when he fell into a vegetative state, a week or so later, he was removed from the hospital ventilator that had been keeping him ‘alive.”
Apparently, it has been known and reported, just not to those buying the Reli-On that this product is also known as “human insulin,” can take as many as 4 hours before having any effect, while the “analog” insulin, like Josh had been taking, takes as little as 20 minutes to regulate blood-sugar levels.

How many diabetics have to die? How many citizens have to make the choices that Josh Wilkerson had to make?

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