The truth nowadays, is not what is but what others can be convinced of.

Today is Valentine’s Day, a special day, when we should love not only our family but everyone, even as, through god, we can be guided, by the holy spirit to live with love despite our failings. For God loves you even while asking for nothing and refusing you nothing (He has already promised you.)

Love is preached in all genuine religions, for it is the only key which unlocks the truth and lets you in. Love is a condition that occurs when the happiness of another person, and (m)any persons is necessary to your own love (for them.)

The greatest commandment is that you must love everyone, even your worst enemies; because it is easy to love your wife and children and friends, it is natural, but to love your enemies is to call upon the holy spirit for you need divine love to be able to love even those who have done you wrong and have lied to you and others about you.
The root to divine love is truth, which is found in everyone but you cannot find love without freely accepting it and the holy spirit with it. You can’t be and never are, brought to love by force but by the divine faith and grace of the holy spirit and without it we (all) are lost and will perish in disharmony.

The easiest way not to seek the truth is to believe that the truth does not exist, when we all know that it does and, like love, we will waste away unless we live in and with the truth.

Even the Devil, the father of all lies, can mix half-truths with lies but we must be gripped by the truth on a level beyond our own thinking until, finally, we can speak only the truth, forevermore.



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