An Inventor Who Just wants Recognition

An 80-year old man had discovered, after 10 years of isolation in a warehouse, how to make gasoline from inedible plants and leaves, something, you say that is unimaginable. But, this is also true because God makes humble, unassuming men into what he wants. He doesn’t give knowledge to you just because you have 10 years of educational degrees and are “highly” thought of by the scientific community.

Of course the gas and oil lobbyists and politicians who owe their positions to the gas and oil men are all going crazy, as now so many investors are flocking to Marshall Medoff’s plants and throwing their millions of dollars at him. These men (corporations) are interested in one thing and one thing only: return on their investments and they can see that soon they will totally corner the market on gasoline sales.

Some of you reading this may have seen this on 60 Minutes last night. If not here is a link to it:

As you can see what I say is true: this man is interested simply in discovering something that can be used to help save, yes save, so many of the poor, down-trodden people on this planet to be able to afford to live better lives because, as everyone knows, the gasoline industry, as all corporations in America are in business for one reason: to make a profit.

If all people were as open and honest as Marshall Medoff we would live in a much better world. I am only surprised that someone didn’t “steal” his invention.

This man is a god-send to this earth, now let us hope the devil doesn’t steal everything and ruin him and his invention and ideas, as so often happens in America.

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