I am hypothyroid, meaning I have an under-active thyroid. I actually felt very healthy for 26 years on a thyroid medication known as Levothroid, a synthetic brand of Levothyroxine, a synthetic thyroid pill which stopped “working” for me sometime last year, around February of 2018, on a trip to Switzerland where I was attempting to cut processed sugar out of my diet: something all world-wide corporations are not in favor of you or me doing, because of the enormity of the billions of dollars in profits these companies make by, literally, putting processed sugar, into almost every food we eat. This untruth has been going on ever since the formulation of super-companies incorporating into one gigantic monster better known as Big Sugar. In fact, I wrote a story I named ‘Big ‘Sugar,’ which was published in ShortStory.Me, several years ago, as well as a book of short stories I had published in a book of my short stories, in 2014. The title of the book was: ‘Muhammad’s Revenge’ and ‘Big Sugar’ was, I believe, the 4th story in a book holding 22 of my short stories.
I realized, long before then, actually, that sugar was an enormous “problem” in human beings’ lives on this earth and specifically on the poor, the downhearted, the destitute and, especially the young children who are so truthful about everything on this god-forsaken planet.
So, I was in Switzerland, in March of 2018 and I was trying desperately to eat food with the minimum of sugar but, unfortunately, this is (was) almost impossible, as there are so many code names, so to speak, that this god-forsaken industry, (Big Sugar,) has these other names for sugar being written in code, so to speak, but is is all the same sugar: candy, caramel, dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, Levulose, Maltose, saccharose, sucros, xylose, sweetner, saccharin, carbohydrate and caramel are all just another name for sugR, which is, added to literally every food we consume: esp. fast foods, where most poor and disadvantaged people eat.
Speaking of poor people, if you wish to feel good about humanity, no matter if you are poor, rich, religious or atheist please, read this link I have added, below here: https://www.npr.org/2009/07/27/111091624/homeless-man-leaves-behind-surprise-4-million      And may we all have a Happy New Year and may God bless us all with the ability, desire, tolerance and courage to speak truth to power. This guy (above) said that he was an atheist but,  I always remember something that Mother Teresa once said, about a homeless man begging for food, she said you should always give to anyone poor, destitute, or in need because: “It was (actually) Jesus in one of his disguises.”


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