Wednesday, 12/19
I was driving to my house from the gym when I tuned in looking for some Christmas music and found it on Joy FM 91.5, I think it is. To which a disc jockey came on and two or three others were talking about a question they all thought was quite funny: “Who would you rather spend the rest of you life on a deserted Island with: Your best friend of your worst enemy?”

Well, needless to say they laughed at the question and all answered it quickly: Their best friend, of course. Well, their answer surprised me, especially considering it was a ‘Christian station.’

Why? Well, I would say that I would much rather make a friend out of an enemy, than an enemy out of a friend — especially my (reportedly) ‘best friend.’

Now, I am 73-years old and have been in many relationships in that time and, if there is one thing I have learned it is that no one knows, really knows, another human being’s mind-set or what he himself would do or say in any given situation, much less a deserted Island; but I do know this: If we were on a deserted Island for what we thought might turn out to be the rest of our lives we would obviously get to ‘know each other’ pretty quickly and, I believe my ‘best friend’ would find out some things about me that I, myself, never even knew about myself and vice-versa: I wasn’t maybe who I thought I was and maybe he wasn’t who I thought he was, after all. I might be better or worse, and he might also be a better or worse person than we both thought, as time would mean little, if anything, to two people living where watches or clocks or jobs or money were useless and their whole lives were just “survival and sanity” something in which he (or she) and I could even end as “best friend’s” or, at least a friend instead of an enemy. And, needless to say, even as some “elderly” men and women end up getting divorced after decades of marriage, and usually over something so small that they have both forgotten it by the time they separate, we both may find out many things we like about one another and may, like I said, actually, become friends. After all there really ain’t a hell of a lot to do on a deserted Island when there’s only two people there.

And, I might add that I’d hate to think of how I’d feel if my “best friend” and I became so embittered at one another as we discovered the “other side” of the other that we had now turned from best friend’s into bitter enemies. Just thinking of what could happen, you know?

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