James Comey stood up and spoke the truth to power today: testifying before a Republican committee in private because they refused to make it public as Comey had requested. This is absolutely ridiculous to watch and compare Trump’s white-house with Nixon’s: whose abuse of power, although impeachable in no way matches up to Trump’s totality of lies that never seem to stop.

The main difference in Nixon and Trump’s carrying’s-on is time: the fact that it is 2018, almost 2019 and there are cameras everywhere, including on telephone poles, stoplights, signs, houses, buildings, public and private offices, and, of course, every time, now that he is the POTUS, he opens his mouth to speak to a camera or microphone: both of which he will do at the pop of a can of diet coke.

Well, I am sure that Donald J. will go off moaning and groaning about the truth and hollering he is innocent of any crime — only time will tell but, I for one, will make book that he serves less than a full-term and is indicted and charged with criminal misconduct: colluding with the Russians and obstruction of justice before he finishes his one and only term — or, rather, if he finishes it.

Donald Trump obstructs justice practically every time he opens his mouth to say he will, may or can if he wants to, pardon someone, like he did with Manafort and Cohen or anyone else who he believes has “the goods” on him or is a threat to his reign as King of the World, which is, make no mistake about it, what he wants.

Of course we need many more Comey’s to stand up and speak the truth: the only problem, is, even as Comey said that Republicans who keep their mouths shut and wish to go off, eventually, privately and quietly to retire with a nice pension need to stand up and speak the truth, he must have known that was highly unlikely, because although Comey has guts, courage and character, it is sorely lacking in today’s politicians. They reason being that they need absolutely none of those traits to run for office or to hold office: in fact the opposite is true: they need only money and votes, which they put all their energy and time into parlaying into a nice job with the government, where they give themselves raises and make up reasons why, kow-tow to money and power and lie to themselves as a matter of course and survival.

This sad, very sad, especially for me, when I remember the last two weeks in the month of October, 1962. I was 17 years and one-month old and was in Marine Corps Boot Camp, at P.I., N.C. When the DI’s became hysterical, saying we were preparing for WWIII. This didn’t happen but only because we had JFK, John F. Kennedy, as the President and he was a man who had been a naval officer in WWII and had seen the carnage, destruction and insanity that is called war, up close and personal. Missiles in Cuba, at that time were the problem, as they could easily hit America but, only because JFK stood up to the generals and some other high level cabinet members are we now, to this day still living in America, instead of Russia or are we and they still even alive. Just think: what if something similar happened today, while Trump is still in power? Oh God! Hold it … I take it back be more like Trump — for just this once— don’t think!

Peace be with you

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