Today in the Tampa Bay Times, in a little-aside hidden on page 2 under NATION & WORLD in a small article under a section titled ELSEWHERE was this: Maliyah Palmer died after being shot in the head Friday night by her 12-year-old brother while their parents were away at a Christmas party, according to police at Florissant, MO. The boy found a 9mm handgun in a dresser drawer in his parents’ bedroom, then accidently shot Maliyah, police said. Maliyah and her brother were being watched by their 16-year-old sister.

Directly underneath this was this: TWO COPS HURT IN ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING AT PARTY: Eleven police officers in Upper Marlboro, MD. Ere suspended after two off-duty officers were wounded in what police called an accidental shooting at a holiday party. The Prince George’s County Police Department said in a statement Monday that both officers were treated at hospitals and released early Sunday. Investigators believe a single shot from a privately owned handgun wounded an officer and then ricocheted before injuring a second officer.

LITTLE KNOWN POINT: The United States is 4.4% of the earth’s population and yet it’s people own 42% of the world’s guns. America has 270 million guns and has had 90 mass shootings between 1966 and 2012. No other country has more than 46 million guns or 18 mass shootings.

LITTLE KNOWN POINT: America has the largest glut of lawyers, as hungry and vulturous as a horde of Jackals and hyenas frothing to snatch a piece of meat from the lion who originally killed the water buffalo. Being as there were 12 hyenas and 18 jackals and only two lions, they got the dinner. There are now well-over 1.5 million lawyers in America, many of them unemployed and owing six-figures for their student loans and the percent of these who are lining up to represent the millions of dollars the NRA throws out in order to scream 2nd Amendment rights MAY have been VIOLATED, and keep the M-16’S, AR-15’S, bump-stocks, cannons and bazookas from being sold to those whose intentions are far from pure, considering they just were released from a mental institution and went directly to their nearest gun-show to buy anything their stolen, forged or monopoly money can buy them and the lecherous unemployed lawyers, now working part-time as 2nd Amendment lawyer’s while buying and selling arms from their local gun supplier (dese is unmarked guns, poifect-lee legal).

WELL-KNOW POINT: In Sutherland Springs, Texas, a man entered a Baptist Church and killed at least 26 people using an AR-15 automatic military rifle. H e had three guns, an AR-556 rifle and two handguns that he left inside the church. He had no license to carry a concealed weapon. Donald Trump,when asked about the shooting made a statement that included: “This has nothing to do with guns.” Ah … DUH? Oh, yeah Donald Trump said that. That’s different: yeah, he’s ONLY the POTUS.

Peace be with everyone in this holiday season and may we think before buying a gun: any gun, “toy” or otherwise, they (too often) end up in tragic circumstances

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