A Good Man Has Died

John McCain died today, 4 days before he would have turned 82. McCain was a veteran naval officer who was shot down in Vietnam and spent 5-years in a cage. He never cracked or displayed any desire to give any information to the NVA. He was a very independent spirit who was well-known for thinking for himself and even, on occasions, for crossing the aisle to work with democrats and was very close with Edward Kennedy, the Senator from Massachusetts, who, eerily, or perhaps just coincidentally, died on the same day as McCain did, on August 25, 2009, nine years ago, and, also of the exact same brain cancer.

Donald Trump, likely will not so much as mention McCain’s name, as he belittled McCain constantly, calling him a loser, among other things, as his usual protocol of intimidation. McCain was against Trump as much as Trump appeared to despise McCain but then, Trump despises everybody and everything.

McCain was a man with character, something that appears in so few people nowadays, especially concerning politicians, much less the present POTUS. As an aside, John McCain put it in his will, and made it very clear that he DID NOT want Donald J. Trump to attend or speak at his funeral.

Peace be with him for now and all eternity, a good man has been lost who actually ‘served the people,’ and believed that the constitution should to be the law for everyone, not just for some. Again, rest in peace, brother.

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