Trump will take himself out

As usual, my ‘target’ is this snake we have, in the White House. If this guy was not the POTUS, he would (still) be cheating anyone and anybody out of their money, sleeping with any babe he could entice into his boudouir and continue to lie, cheat and steal from the same people who ‘trust’ him. What I cannot understand is how any human being could be ‘fooled’ by this guy. He lies as a matter of course, as if it is a ‘job requirement’ to work for him, to tell his lies & only his lies. He demands loyalty but, good god, at what price? You must be just like him for him to ‘like you?’ But, there’s a big ‘catch 22’ because, as his lawyet Rudy Giuliani said: (‘Donald Trump’s) truth is not truth …? What …ah …uht?

BTW, I don’t think anyone should want him to ‘like me,’ especially seeing how those, like Manafort and Cohen, who he claims he likes, have ended up. Donald Trump is not a man you can count on, or trust, believe me. I mean, talk about hypocrisy look at what he now says about his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, the same guy he praised to high heavens, and, as I personally believe, because Sessions is a racist, who was born and raised in Selma, Alabama and was a Senator from Alabama for 20 years and always sided against civil rights for “all citizens,” which is exactly what Trump also believes, even as he belittles Sessions in his most recent Twitter posts.

Now, the thing is that the snake poem he reads from was written, in the 1960’s, by a man named Oscar Brown Jr, a black civil rights activist, besides being a singer and songwriter, who was also a member of the Communist Party. Uh-huh and Donald Trump is using Brown’s song, even as, in Big Time Buck White, a play performed on a New York stage, in 1969, the music by Oscar Brown Jr., Muhammad Ali played Buck White, the title character.

Can you imagine that, Donald Trump is so illeterate and ignorant that he doesn’t even know that he is reading a poem written by a former communist and used in a play which starred an actor in the title role just happened to be Muhammad Ali. My-my will wonders neaver cease? Asnd here is Donald Trump glorifying the two last lines of the poem: “’I have saved you,’ cried the woman. And you’ve bitten me, heaven’s why? You know your bite’s poisonous and now I’m going to die.’”

‘Oh shut up, silly woman,’” the sake replied, with a grin. “’You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.’” To which the crowd of idiots listening to this moron, clap and cry their voices off, even as they fail to realize that Donal Trump, their POTUS, is, himself, indeed, the snake that THEY have taken in. But, fear not all thinking human beings, Donal Trump is about to be “taken out,” and not by Robert Mueller, or Manafort, or even Cohen. No, Donald Trump, by his own words, will take himself out. Believe me, his truth will soon be seen by the very constitution he so brags about, even as he is doing his usual lying, while he tweets his position as POTUS, down the ever-loving drain. You go Donald boy, you go.

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