My take on Trump

I feel pretty good but … health-wise, I have the thyroid problem, then I find out I got an enlarged prostate and then, just yesterday, a dentist tells me she thinks I got gum disease and all my dittles (teeth) gotta come out. Oh well, oh me, oh my, said the flea, then the fly. Anyway, I gotta stay busy, (while I wait to see if I stay alive, but then, don’t we all) so here is something I couldn’t ignore:

Yesterday, I turn on the tee-vee and what do I see but Trump’s “lawyer,” Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York  City, while being interviewed by Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press, who is asking him a question as to why Donald Trump shouldn’t testify to special counsel Robert Mueller that Trump won’t testify and Giuliana answers that: “truth isn’t the truth … sometimes.” He then went on to clarify that Donald Trump’s  truth was not Robert Mueller’s truth.

Hmmmm … really Rudy … Donald Trump’s “truth” is not Robert Mueller’s truth? I gotta feeling that Donald Trump’s “truth” is not Robert Mueller’s truth because Robert Mueller is the special counsel investigating the collusion of individuals in certain conversations, one of these individuals being Donald Trump, who lies as a matter of course and then says it is the truth is not any other human being’s truth.

What else can I say about this, except, maybe steal a line from the late Jimmy Durante, who often said: “What a revolting development this is!

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