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I have been silent (absent) I realize, from this (my) website for a couple of months, or thereabouts, because I have been very busy with a health condition that I have, known as hypothyroidism. Yeah, it’s the same condition that, in case you weren’t aware of the fact, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have.

I was diagnosed with this disease around 1990, ’91, or thereabouts, and was given a thyroid pill to replace the thyroxine my thyroid gland was not producing enough of. This pill is more commonly known as T4 or Levothyroxine and comes in a synthetic pill, known as Synthroid, and a generic pill, known as, Levothroid.

I took Synthroid for a few months when I began taking this medication but was quickly handed a bottle of pills a few months later that read Levothroid and was told, by the pharmicist, when I asked, what it was: “the same thing as Synthroid, only a “better” generic brand.

So, I took this pill, prescribed to me by a licensed physician at .88 mcgs for the next 26-years and never “had a problem” that I connected to taking this Levothyroid pill or that is was the same strength pill all those years, although now, of course, I can look back and realize how many physicians, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies were involved in an enormous “scam” that simply not only doesn’t treat hypothyroid patients but serves to make these “doctors”, pharmaceutical conglomerates and insurance companies, literally billions of dollars in “profit.”

Looking back and at today, I fully intend to “claim” that this was not only a scam, in all aspects of the word, but that it actually has scammed many “doctors,” who actually managed to brainwash themselves, into actually believing, the lies, deceit and underhanded “laws” that were, and continue to be “made into law(s),” not just in this country but in innumerable countries around this spherical mass of dirt, dust, machinery, pollution, burned-out forests, previous war-zones and human beings, more commonly known as the earth we live on.

The biggest problem I’ve faced, believe it or not, is the medical community, made up, primarily of doctors, pharmaceutical conglomerates and insurance companies. They are all, majoritively, fanatical schizophrenic, psychopathic, lunatics. Too harsh for you; well, you should be “in my shoes,” for a few months, or, for that matter, anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of hypothyroidism, and, believe me, there are enough of us, and before you smile, thinking, maybe, that you are not one of us, please, think again, because you could very well, be one, and never know it. You could (can) even die, having hypothyroidism, and have been “misdiagnosed” and/or never be aware of that fact because of that “feeling” you’ve had recently, that “feeling” that you are sure “must just be a symptom of “getting old,” because you’re legs are giving out after only a short walk, or that your hands and feet are sometimes, strangely, ice-cold, usually only in the mornings or late at night, or, maybe you’re having a “pins & needles” feeling in your hands and feet. Maybe you’re even occassionally having heart palpitations for no reason you can think of. Mayve you’re experiencing a hoarseness in your speaking voice, are having problems sleeping at night and are very sensitive to any light on when you get in bed to sleep at night.

Or, maybe you have an intolerance to the heat and/or the cold weather and have stopped sweating as much as you used to, or, sweating too much. Or, maybe you have a balance problem, or even dizziness, when you stand up and a low temperature in the mornings.

Or, maybe you’re getting a lot of colds, sore throats, trouble swallowing, a dry mouh or excessive coughing. Or, maybe you’re having trouble remembering things, like where you put down your coffee cup, until your wife points at it, on the table where you were drinking it.

Or, suddenly, you’re having panic attacks, hearing voices or ringing in your ears or your hair begins falling out in clumps and/or is so dry you can no longer manage it, or comb it. Maybe you have dry skin or migraine headaches, back pain or digestive problems. Maybe you have dry, gritty eyes and vision problems. Maybe you are becoming so upset lately that all you want is to be “left alone” as you are always so depressed and have recently experienced mood swings, maybe your personality has changed and old friends no longer “recognize you?”
Now, believe me, I well know that you can write any and/or all of these things off, as simply: “growing old,” but that is not going to change the fact(s) that they are also symptoms, yes, symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I know what you are thinking: “who the hell am I?” to be making such a statement, concerning such as the “highly educated classes who (must) base these prescriptions on new breakthrough’s in medicine, scientific theories and papers written by Phd doctors, scientists, professors and scholars who have written “scientific” papers, reports, tests

I will tell you “who” I am. I am Mister nobody but I am a Mister Nobody who just happens to live in a country that is supposed to “live” by the constitutional theory of law and freedom of the press and it just so happens to be one of those “freedoms,” which presently, is being stepped on, beaten, bludgeoned and, if it were a prizefight, he, the constitution, would be dizzy and about to be kayoed in one round. But, like a boxer with a hard chin, guts and refusal to quit, the constitution is reeling but still upright and I, one small voice, but representing innumerable other voices, plan to write about it, publish it and hope some change can be made from it (one way or the other.)

I realize that intentions and reality are too different things and even if published may make little or no difference, especially considering that, literally, hundreds of books have been published, medical journals have been published, scientific studies have been made public and the “majority” of the population is not concerned until, and if, they, themselves, get the disease.

Exactly my (one of them) point(s). You (reader) no matter what your gender, age, mental capacity, or state of health may very well have hypothyroidism, hyperthroidism, Grave’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, a form of Thyroid cancer or any other autoimmune disease dealing with these same issues.

I hope and pray you don’t but you could have. I magine having a disease that doctors refuse to treat any way other than what “keeps them in business” and (h)wealthy, with a full waiting room, filled with patients who will, most likely, be (mis)diagnosed given a pill and told to make another appointment in six months. Some of these “patients” are hypo or hyerthyroid or have an even worse thyroid diease, including cancer and are not being properly treated, if they are being “treated” at all.

Before you mention the doctor that you know who is great? I may well agree with you because there actually are many doctors who hold opposite views of the mass of (for lack of a better word) “traditional” doctors. These doctors “go along to get along,” and refuse to open their minds (and medical practices to any theories, medical studies or reports or anything that goes against the mass majority of the medical community when it comes to “medicating America,” because, after all, that’s their speciality: they don’t treat the patient, they treat the disease by prescribing the pill that they all agree upon: (example) in hypothroidism they prescribe the T4 thyroxine pill I referred to in the second paragraph, T4, or Levothyroxine, and absolutely refuse to budge saying that: all patients’ thyroids will accept T4 ito their thyroid and it will then turn it into T3, thereby making it the only pill anyone (they include patients who actually even have had thyroid cancer and have NO thyroid) with hypothroidism will ever need.

More to come on this soon, as soon as I completely “recover” from this disease.

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