On every paper bill printed by the U.S. Treasury Department we have on the front a picture of an American president or icon, such as Benjamin Franklin, who is on the $100 bill. Also, in common on the back of these bills is the iconic phrase: “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

If In God We (really) Trust we wouldn’t need (any) money in the first place because Jesus Christ is the (only) and original iconoclast who came to destroy all idols worshiped by mankind, other than the true God and that Noah, Moses, Abraham, Issac. Jacob, David and other major and minor prophets all preceded his coming by foretelling of it.

Jesus was a Jew who only became the Christ because of the continuing idolization of statues, of insane rulers, like all the Caesars, Emperors and Kings like Herod and governors like Pontius Pilate, who washed his hands of the crucifixion because of a dream his wife had.

If only the world’s Jews would believe the words of Moses, the Christians of Jesus and the Muslims of Muhammad you would see a world that would respect the Lord’ grace, mercy and love and realize the truth.

It is a pity that the Native Americans, as well as most natives of colonized countries were so much closer to God than those who came in to rob them of their peaceful and godly nature, usually from Europe, to force Capitalistic ideas and forms of rule on the many people who knew God so much better than the colonizers did.

These colonizers forced their ways of “striking it rich” to the natives of every colonized nation, like America, from the European Nations who wanted more for themselves and less for their rulers or the others in power by destroying, to the point of absolute ruination, the earth and everything in it, by digging for oil, blowing up mountains for gold and other precious metals, poisoning the lands with pesticides, making slaves out of human beings and, in the end, forcing such noble, intelligent and inspiring people as the Native Americans and natives of all other lands, who knew who God was, to give in to the Capitalist nature of the greedy and selfish people who forever chased money and possessions to wherever it took them, to the end of their lives and, many times, even to their deaths because of this Capitalist folly brought to them by the devil himself whose very nature is one of greed, selfishness, strife and death and destruction. Ther devil is the arbiter of wars, murders and all other forms of ungodly behavior that forever plague us because God gave the devil the one power he asked for, when the devil said to God that he would win over more of the Lord’s followers than God himself had, or would if he had the the power of temptation, which God than granted him and he has used it ever since, being a liar, a cheat, a thief, an adulterer, a war-monger and, as the father of all wars he has also used it to an obvious point of victory: as we sit on the very cusp of human societies that have their populations starving to death while a very few of the devil’s disciples reign over this earth with their enormous amounts of money and possessions, as they follow the path that will ultimately destroy themselves with, by passing by the overwhelming majority of the poor, even as they proclaim their lives a success because they have more junk inside their stuffed houses, garages and even the vehicles which they drive than their neighbors have, their heads held high as they continue their “work” even as insane human beings sell the very weapons that will someday blow up the world to those leaders who buy them with the dirtiest of all things imaginable: a stack of multi-colored pieces of paper that we have been “educated” to believe is worth our very lives and if that’s not the definition of insanity I don’t know what is.

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